Bespoke Branding

Small or large, a business without a bespoke brand identity fades into obscurity, blending into the white noise of mediocrity that is a sad feature of branding and design in the world of business. At Snakeskin Studios, we give our clients a unique and lasting brand identity that sets them apart from the blandness and gives them an edge over competitors.

The Design RITUAL

RITUAL is a totally new way of using design, a brainchild of SSS. This "standard approach" aims to fix areas of communication from within the design industry. We believe such problems reach into issues like brand originality, uninformative marketing and hideous-looking design – to name a few.

Relevant, Informative, Tractable, Unique, Alluring and Lasting; these are things a design needs to be to become a great design. Even though some of these feel obvious, the truth is the design industry isn't doing enough to deliver on these in our eyes. By discussing whether these elements actually apply to a conceptual design, you can improve it drastically. It isn't an easy task, but what would be the point of being a designer if it was easy?

Whether you're a client, a designer or even a student, RITUAL can be used to improve the communication and rationalisation of your creative ideas to those looking to pay good money for them. Clients get a better service, designers maintain their creative integrity and students learn how to better deliver original ideas without relying on the false sense of authority that comes with years of experience.

Whilst it is still in the early days, RITUAL is such an important movement to us that we are dedicating a whole portion of our website to it. Check out the RITUAL micro-site by clicking the image above.

A Diversely Talented Team

One of the perks of working within SSS is being around the amazing, diversely talented individuals who bring such life to any project that comes their way. However, we don’t claim to be masters at everything there is in the creative world. Instead, we bring on new people to fill the gaps and build a bigger, more expansive offering for our clients. Not only does each new team member literally grow our enterprise in terms of numbers, but also in terms of services too.

The ambition is to have a large team of like-minded individuals who can service every creative need a client may have. At the same time we want to work on our own internal projects with this team to develop all of those brilliant ideas we've had since we can remember

If you're looking to start your own company in something we don't currently do, drop us a line to see what being part of SSS could do better for you.

A 'Gameification' Approach

As they advance, videogames are becoming an increasingly mainstream and legitimate cultural form. ‘Gameification’ is a school of thought that examines this uniquely modern form of entertainment and wonders how it can be applied to other aspects of art, design or learning.

At first this sounds horrendous – no self-respecting company wants a website designed after Pacman or Halo – but gamefication isn’t about taking already existing games and shoving them in where they don’t belong. It isn’t even necessarily about aesthetics; it’s about the processes of gaming, which have more to teach us than you may think.

Videogames function by an almost unique learning process by which the player can quickly grasp the way in which a game fundamentally works with relatively little instruction, quickly internalising the basics until they become almost instinctive. As the player progresses, the difficulty of the game increases by increments and mastering the game becomes a steady, conscious and rewarding learning process that is highly immersive.

Gamefication can allow users to immerse themselves in a piece of art or design and come to understand it more quickly and easily – for examples of SSS work that employs it, check out Goldladder and Chalk.

The Written Word

Branding is all about communication, and few things communicate more efficiently or directly than the written word. While it may seem simple, copywriting is surprisingly hard to get right if you’re doing it yourself.

A business owner may be perfectly capable of writing copy that makes sense to them, but if they lack the skill and objectivity of a professional writer, they run the risk of confusing their customers; you may know exactly what you mean when you write copy for your business, but it may not be as clear to potential customers who aren’t familiar with the subject.

Outsourcing copywriting is the safest and easiest way of ensuring that a business’ customers remain aware of exactly what it does and how it operates. SSS will oblige to do this for every client we work with.

And A Bit Of Humour

Popular opinion has it that business is serious, and that a company’s public face itself has to be serious, even humourless, in order to reflect any degree of professionalism. However, at SSS we believe that this isn’t always the case, and that in fact this cheerless approach can even be harmful to businesses. While it obviously depends on the nature of the client, we believe that a more light-hearted approach can stimulate creativity and make for a far more enjoyable working environment.